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The British Geological Survey

www.bgs.ac.uk Founded in 1835, the BGS was the world's first national geological survey and is the UK's national centre for earth science information. It has a wide range of publications including memoirs and maps.

The Geologists' Association

www.geologistsassociation.org.uk Founded in 1858 the Association is a unique Registered Charity serving the interests of both amateur and professional geologists. It promotes the study of geology and membership provides a wealth of information and support, and a variety of excellent publications, lectures and field meetings.

The Geological Society

www.geolsoc.org.uk Is the national geological learned society and professional organisation with over 8,000 members. It organises scientific and professional meetings and events, publishes a wide range of books and journals and houses one of the major geological libraries in the UK. It has many active groups including a History of Geology Group.

Geoed Ltd

www.geoed.co.uk Suppliers and manufacturers of over 2,000 fossil replicas.

The Linnean Society of London

www.linnean.org.uk Founded in 1788, it is now the oldest extant natural history scientific society in the world. Its interests include the whole of biology with its main focus on diversity in evolution, ecology and systematics.

The Palaeontographical Society

www.palaeosoc.org Established in 1847, The Society exists for the purpose of figuring and describing British fossils. An Annual Volume is published, consisting of a number of complete or part monographs, each individually bound. Members receive the annual volume and a substantial discount on all other available earlier publications. We have many out of print monographs in stock.

The Palaeontological Association

www.palass.org Founded in 1957, the Association is a Registered Charity which aims to further the study of palaeontology through the publication of academic journals (Palaeontology and Special Papers in Palaeontology), Newsletters, a series of field guides, regular meetings and field excursions, and a program of annual awards. Membership is open to anyone and the interests of members encompass all aspects of palaeontology.

The Royal Institution of Great Britain

www.ri.ac.uk Established in 1799 and granted a Royal Charter in 1800, the Royal Institution is the oldest research establishment in the world and has a wide ranging programme of educational events aimed at all age groups. The annual Christmas Lectures are a particularly well-known. Members have access to a large scientific library.

The Royal Society

www.royalsoc.ac.uk Founded in 1660 and granted a Royal Charter in 1662 the Society has a longer continuous existence than any other Academy of Sciences in the World. Its purpose is 'the promotion of natural knowledge' which it does mainly by the publication of new scientific knowledge and of its discussion meetings and by the encouragement of research. It has a library of over 100,000 volumes. Amongst its publications are the Philosophical Transactions (since 1665), Proceedings (since 1832), Notes and Records (since 1938), a Year Book and Biographical Memoirs.

The Society for the History of Natural History

www.shnh.org.uk The Society, founded in 1936, is a Registered Charity with an international membership of individuals interested in all aspects of the history and bibliography of all disciplines within the biological and earth sciences. It publishes a Journal titled Archives of Natural History, and a number of special publications. Membership is open to all those interested in the objects of the Society.